IRA’s & Retirement Plans - Business Plans

Options, options, options.

Options are great, but sometimes they can keep us from making a decision. Let us help you determine which plan is best for your business.

Beyond choosing which plan is best for you and your business, we will help with plan facilitation, participant enrollment, and most importantly, education and support for the sponsor and the employees. Again, we strongly believe that education is the key. In our opinion, a successful plan is one that flows easily for the employer and is well understood by the plan participants.

The plans are basically split into two categories, businesses with employees and businesses without.

Business with no employees

There are a few options available for you in this category. Once we determine the amount that you would like to save and how much of a tax deduction you would like, we can choose the most beneficial plan.


  • Owner-only 401k

Business with employees

There are a couple of important decisions to make before choosing a plan in this category. The first is, how much do you plan to contribute for yourself? And second, how much would you like to, and are able to, contribute for your employees.


  • 401k

  • 403b

  • 457b

Making the right choice

All your options should offer a few important features that can greatly benefit your retirement savings.

Tax-deductible contributions

Contributing to your retirement plan can lower your taxable income, consequently lowering your tax bill.

Tax-deferred earnings

Participating in a “tax qualified” retirement plan offers you the ability to avoid paying taxes on your earnings until you begin to withdraw the money. This benefit can allow your savings to grow quicker, by avoiding the annual tax liability.

Investment options

Your plan should offer you a wide selection of options. More options, however, do not always translate into better results. Wise choices here can be the most beneficial.

We understand choosing a plan can appear to be a daunting task. Please feel free to contact Prosperity Financial and allow us to take the time to serve you. Education is key to making good decisions. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you..